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Planning & Building Regulations Approvals Uxbridge business established in 1993

The government are committed to reducing uk greenhouse gas emissions. There are initiatives such as Feed in Tariffs, the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Green Deal. These will reduce carbon emissions. The philosophy is to design the built environment to comply with principles of economic, social and ecological sustainability, with special consideration for the environmental impacts during its whole life cycle, cut energy costs, improve energy efficiency and tackle fuel poverty.

An energy assessment in the form of an Energy Performance Certificate ( EPC ) is required when a building is constructed, sold or let ; and is the starting point of energy advice. We must all learn to harness natural resources such as oil, gas, water and electricity. Utilising rainwater by storing it to flush toilets or water your garden is becoming important. A south facing conservatory can become a passive solar heater. Solar panels will provide a heating supply for your home and swimming pool and can give income back to you. A wood-burning stove will remove the burden of using gas. Increasing insulation will help keep fuel bills low. Growing your own food in your garden will save you money and fuel. A compost bin supplied by kitchen waste will aid food growth. My service to clients is to combine my architectural skills with new education about `our one planet` to deliver low energy and sustainable buildings.

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